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‘Powerful You’ Groups for Women

Sharing our journeys with other caring, trustworthy people is one of life’s most important joys and steps towards healing. 

My ‘Powerful You’ Groups for Women offer a special space for sharing, support and safety within a non-judgmental environment. It can be very healing to experience validation from others who understand you and cheer you on to become your magnificent authentic self.

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“We don't heal in isolation, but in
 community”. - S. Kelley Harrell

'Powerful You' Women's Group

A small group of women that meets on a weekly basis for 6 weeks. This special group offers caring and support for increasing:

  • connection, acceptance, love, trust and compassion for oneself
  • authenticity
  • confidence to go for goals and dreams
  • connection to other supportive women
  • understanding what makes a relationship healthy and fulfilling
  • honesty with oneself and others

Let’s fly in the direction of self-love,


shall we?

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Powerful • Productive • Affordable


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