Relationship Coaching
   with Amy Newshore M.Ed, CMHC

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Why Relationship Coaching?

Most of us never received the information and support they need to have successful healthy relationships. 

No wonder so many of us end up finding relationships to be problematic, confusing, unfulfilling and painful!

As your coach, I will help you LEARN and PRACTICE what a healthy, sustainable relationship REALLY IS.

I offer the SUPPORT and GUIDANCE you need as you navigate your most significant relationships.

  • Would you like to gain more hope for your relationship? 
  • Are you are stuck in cyclical, painful dynamics and don't know what to do? 
  • Are you finding that either one or both of you avoid having yet another “talk” since talking never helps? 
  • Is there criticism, blame, defensiveness and/or withdrawal in your relationship? 
  • Would you like the relationship to get back to how it was in the beginning? 
  • Are you embroiled in a power and control dynamic? 
  • Do one or both of you want clarity regarding staying in the relationship or not? 
  • Do you find yourself not able to be as authentic and honest as you wish? 
  • Is it easier to point the finger at each other and not look at your own contribution to any unhealthy, painful relationship dynamics? 
  • Are you open to the possibility that as hard as things are, getting some help could make a difference?

I help couples find their way out of confusion, distance or painful dynamics to find clarity, closeness and enduring love.

If one or both partners is on the fence about whether to continue the relationship, I can assist with sorting through the options to help clarify the way forward.

Before marriage, I offer information and support to couples who want to be proactive in addressing any challenges they face to enable them to co-create a healthy, happy marriage.

For those looking to heal from toxic relationships involving narcissistic abuse, I offer in-depth support to become free, reclaim power and become available for healthy relationships.

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