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Mini-Intensives and Intensives For Couples in Crisis

A marriage/relationship crisis can occur as a result of an event or events that create a huge amount of stress or when an unresolved conflict continues to elevate the level of emotional pain that one or both partners may be experiencing. Often, a couple cannot manage on their own and needs help in navigating through it all. In cases where pain, anger, resentment, and hopelessness take over, this can prematurely bring about the end of a relationship if the partners cannot address the situation productively. However, there  can be hope for couples in crisis. There is the possibility of rebuilding the relationship through developing a deeper understanding as to what has happened, strengthening the communication between you and doing some focused work. Through the compassionate and skillful support that I offer, even In cases when problems may seem insurmountable, I have seen many relationships get better and happier, with the help of intensives.

I can offer immediate assistance and have reserved specific days for intensives. 

I offer:    ~ 4 hour Mini-Intensives                                                                                                                     ~ Full Day Intensives that run for 6-8 hours

You do not need to have tried counseling before to make good use of an Intensive. In fact, a clean slate can be beneficial.

Intensives are great opportunities to take a look at your unique cycles and patterns, and learn the tools to reconnect.

Intensives are for you if you want to get faster results in these areas:

  • Feeling emotionally and sexually connected with your partner.
  • Having a clear idea as to what is at the root of your relationship problems
  • Repairing from being in a major crisis such as infidelity, clashing parenting differences etc.
  • Wanting to feel more appreciated, respected and “seen” by your partner.
  • Understanding your partner more
  • Being able to tolerate the differences between you
  • Defining and speaking up about your own thoughts, feelings and needs
  • Not blaming each other so much
  • Having your boundaries respected
  • Replacing fighting with better communication
  • Building more trust
  • Understanding how to be separate but together
  • Facing problems between you instead of avoiding them
  • You want to feel lighter and happier in your relationship You are tired of feeling powerless when you think about your marriage
  • You want practical, specific tools you can use to make your partnership work
  • You struggle to find the words to express what you want to say, and feel frustrated that you’re constantly misunderstood
  • You are tired of repeating the same old fight
  • “We can’t communicate” is a common frustration at home
  • You have tried marriage and/or individual therapy in the past and it has not worked
  • Your partner feels more like a roommate than a lover
  • You want to understand and connect with your partner, but you are not sure how
  • You want to feel loved, supported, and understood again – like a true partner

Pricing for Intensives:

* 4h Mini-Intensive - $425

* Full Day Intensive - contact me

* Rapid Access for 2h - $250

Rapid Access

This is an opportunity created for clients who are in need of a strong start on a short notice. We schedule Rapid Access appointments within 3 days (including same-day appointments) and commit 2 full hours to working with the situation at hand. A Rapid Access appointment is followed by weekly sessions of relationship coaching; You are just prioritized for getting in to work with me more quickly. 

If you feel the need to get in right away and have a Rapid Access appointment, email [email protected] or call 413 824 9269.

Is it worth it?

The time and financial investments you make for your most intimate relationships are investments in your own future and continued happiness. Aside from the relationship you have with yourself, your partnership/marriage is the most important relationship of your life - so why not prioritize it accordingly?


A customized intensive is the most time and cost effective way to help your relationship thrive. It’s focused, exclusive to your problems, and you will have skilled guidance throughout.

While it may sound like a cliché, it’s a real question: How could you afford not to invest in the one relationship that it your greatest possible source of happiness and strength?

You spend so much time and energy taking care of people around you. NOW is the time to take care of yourself and your most important relationship.

If you are interested in exploring either, email me at [email protected]


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