Relationship Coaching
   with Amy Newshore M.Ed, CMHC

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"As a couple experiencing real distress in our marriage, it was anxiety-provoking to consider opening up to someone we didn't know, and it was hard to imagine finding someone we would both trust. As soon as we met Amy, those worries subsided. She was approachable, sensitive, and easy to work with. She very quickly gained the trust of us both. When we first starting working with Amy, one of us was ready to give up on our marriage and did not expect that to change. Over time, though, our work with Amy helped us to develop new and really important insights into ourselves and our relationship and gradually helped us to actually create a marriage we both wanted to be in. Even now, two years later, we find ourselves relying on the understanding and communication skills we developed with Amy whenever we have conflicts. What we learned through our work with Amy has helped us to avoid carrying underlying resentments and misunderstandings that had been driving us apart and causing our marriage to suffer. Instead, we are now able to communicate in a truly healthy way and have happily rebuilt our commitment to each other."


"Amy invited us into difficult, beautiful, emotional work, and I am so thankful that we worked with her. I learned how to listen more carefully and Amy helped us find and recognize moments when we were replaying reactions from our families of origin rather than seeing one another. She is flexible, generous, and she showed us what true repair and accountability can look like. I absolutely recommend her."


"When I met Amy I was in crisis after a brief but intense romantic relationship. I was depressed and shocked, and I found myself having intrusive thoughts and an obsession with this person who had ended our new relationship so abruptly. During my first session with Amy I remember her brightness and presence as she deeply listened to my story. I felt better during my first visit because I felt right away that she understood my situation and the dynamic of the relationship. It was immensely helpful to me to feel understood and to share my burden and pain with someone. From there, I found Amy to be very empathetic and tuned in to what I was going through. She guided me with questions and homework assignments that lead me to a deeper understanding of my experience and toward a healthier path of higher self esteem and better communication skills. I feel confident now that I can use those skills to avoid being in a similar situation in the future while also feeling open and hopeful about meeting someone new. I would highly recommend Amy to single people as they navigate their way through the dating world. I contacted Amy because she had worked with my best friend and her partner. As a result of that work they stayed together, and every time I go to their house to visit and see their young children, I am quietly and forever grateful to Amy that they have an intact family with two parents who love each other very much."


"As a polyamorous person, I have worked with Amy twice with two different partners. The techniques she used in session and the compassionate way she held space for us has allowed both relationships to weather storms and continue to evolve and grow in positive directions well after we stopped seeing her. I am particularly appreciative of the slowness she encouraged -she knew just when to give ample time to unravel and process difficult dynamics and moments. She asked great questions and leaned into her intuition to guide the conversation. She explains her process along the way and uses some self-disclosure at times, humor, and her own authenticity to build a safe, trusting environment to do the most vulnerable work."

"My husband and I were in the "thick of it" and we weren't sure where to turn. A friend recommended Amy to us. We both were hesitant to open up our relationship to a "stranger" over zoom. Very quickly, Amy gained our trust and helped us identify what we value most both within ourselves and with each other. Amy never took sides and helped strengthen our communication skills. She helped us navigate a very difficult "crisis" situation with ease and compassion. It is clear that Amy is dedicated to her clients - she is flexible, understanding, and committed to supporting her couples."


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