Relationship Coaching
   with Amy Newshore M.Ed, CMHC

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Relationship Coaching for Individuals

You were born to be real,
not to be perfect.

Whether you are partnered or single, I am here to help you increase self-connection and clarify what you need in your relationship life.

IF YOU ARE SINGLE, you may be asking:

Do I need to love myself more before I can be in a relationship?

Am I healed enough from a past relationship to be able to enter a new one?

What are my needs in a love relationship?

What are my bottom lines?

What does it mean to have an emotional connection with a partner?

How can I avoid carrying forward the negative patterns in my parents’ marriage?

Why do I attract unavailable people?

What do I offer a partner?

What are red flags to be on the lookout for?

IF YOU ARE PARTNERED, you may be asking:

What does it really mean to have a healthy relationship? What does that look like?

How can I balance my own needs with those of my partner?

What can I do about not feeling close?

How can I communicate better, especially when I am angry?

What do I do when my partner just doesn't listen?

How can I speak up without it turning into a fight?

Is it possible to bring more aliveness back into what has become a stale relationship?

How do I deal with resentment I have been carrying around for a long time?

What if my partner wants more/less sex than I do?

How can I be a better listener?

Should I leave or stay?

What should I do now that I found out my partner has been having an affair? Can I ever trust again?

Relationship Coaching for Individuals Can Make a Difference!



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Powerful • Productive • Affordable


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